Wrist Health in Yoga

A couple of students, and my mum, have asked for some insight into easing the pain in their wrists, especially in the pose of downward-facing dog. The below information should be helpful into understanding the reasons behind their pain and offer solutions to help strengthen this joint and options to get them back on the mat sans … Read more

Yoga and Ageing

Many of us resign ourselves to the fact that our bodies will function less efficiently as we age. We never question if this is the way it has to be. Why is it that animals perform proficiently and remain mobile throughout most of their lives while we start to decay mid-way through ours? The ageing … Read more

New Year Intentions vs Goals

This time of year is powerful in enhancing our fitness regime – or yoga practice.  It is a time where we can make space to create new habits while discarding old.  I am hoping to give my students the ability to continue their practice at home in addition to their studio practice to create a health filled new … Read more

The L Plater Mamma

I had no idea how challenging navigating the parenting journey was going to be.  I was one of those little girls who always wanted to be a mummy, I wanted babies and perhaps toddlers but I never thought of life beyond a cute little two-year-old.  I didn’t have a picture of myself as a mum … Read more

The P Plater Mamma

I had no idea how challenging navigating the parenting journey was going to be. My babies are now real life children, seven, five and almost four years old. Each child has a completely different personality and each has their own individual desires and needs. We are watching them evolve into people.  Little people with big personalities. … Read more

I am a Yoga Mama

Time is of the essence; as a busy mum, I don’t have much time or any essence. A friend gave me the book ‘Buddhism for Mothers‘ when I was pregnant with my first child and although I don’t know the kind of mother I would have been without it, I am definitely a better mother for having … Read more

Eliminate germs and airborne allergies with a Neti Pot

Healing Elixirs Spring has sprung as has many of the illnesses relating to the change in season. The cold and flu virus &/or respiratory issues are bombarding many of us including our children. In addition airborne allergies and hay fever is starting to rear it’s head. The ancient cleansing practice of nasal irrigation flushes these airborne allergies, … Read more

Why Magnesium is so important

Getting enough magnesium is essential for maintaining good health.  Magnesium is an essential mineral required by every organ in the body for a range of activities including bone, protein and fatty acid formation. It is the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body and is also essential in activating vitamins B and D, relaxing muscles, … Read more

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