Term 1

Tuesday 5.45 – 6.45am

8 Week  Class Package
12 February – 2 April


A series designed with a man’s body in mind.  Building from the breath and foundation of the body, we will stretch out the tightest spots, such as hips, hip flexors, shoulders and groin and strengthen areas that often receive no attention, like the lower back and behind the knees.

This series has been created to gently and sequentially increase flexibility.

We start with breath work to calm the mind and allow ourselves to focus inwards.   We then move through a powerful dynamic sequence to naturally heat the body and hold specific poses in order to reap the remedial benefits.

We open, stretch, strengthen and align the body and end our practice in savasana – a few moments of deep rest.

If you’re a commitment-phobe – than join us on a casual basis.

The rate for a casual class is $20 Book Here to purchase a casual class.

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