Yoga Offerings

Corporate Yoga

Yoga proactively supports the wellbeing of employees. Yoga at work not only improves health and fitness, but it increases a sense of overall wellbeing, happiness and contributes towards a positive working culture. Yoga teaches the virtues of accountability, focus, calmness and dedication and increases employee retention while decreasing sick leave.

A fun, nurturing, calming yet energizing yoga experience and a positive way to give back to your best assets.

Private classes

If the thought of going to a group class fills you with dread, or you struggle to get to a class with your busy schedule, perhaps you tried practicing on your own at home, but just don’t know how to begin, or do you have an injury that makes it hard for you to take part in a group class? 

If you resonate with any of the above, investing in private yoga tuition is perfect for you.

Kids Yoga - Class Series

Children are natural yogis. They are flexible, live in the present moment and are curious to explore their physical body, emotions and the world around them.  Yet they too are exposed to our fast paced, technologically driven world as they navigate the journey of school, friendships, family and extra curricula activities.

Yoga improves the health and fitness of our children; it increases a sense of overall wellbeing, happiness and contributes towards a positive temperament.   Most of all it imparts the ability to self-regulate their emotions.  The classes we teach provide the support in a safe space where children can be themselves, learn to build resilience and calm themselves down in healthy ways.

Mums 'n' Bubs - Class Series

Our Mums ‘n’ Bubs Class Series provides you with an opportunity to bond with your new baby, whilst moving your body in ways to help improve your physical and emotional well-being.  The post-yoga practice feeling is the same as visiting a spa; nourished, serene and light. It allows you to nurture your body and soul. We invite you to mother the mother.

5 Week class Series
27 Feb to 27 March
17 April to 15 May

Athlete's Stretch - Class Series

This class is a deep practice similar to a Yin class with active holds allowing the fascia, tendons and ligaments to release and stretch.  Each class is designed to increase range of motion and targets deeper connective tissues such as around the shoulders, upper back, hips, pelvis and lower spine. It is a quieter practice, designed to tap into intuition and inner listening to the body.

The challenge is to be still, to spend time with yourself and get to know your body, mind and breath on an intense level. This is the perfect cross training exercise for athletes to enhance their performance as well as a complimentary practice to a Vinyasa Flow class.

Class series can be purchased by sporting teams and individuals.

Restorative - Class Series

This is a restorative style class integrated with Yin & Flow Yoga designed to completely relax, repair  and renew. Held for 5 minutes or more, restorative and yin style poses are deep passive stretches, twists, seated forward folds and gentle backbends all supported by props.  These classes offer a welcome response to the frenetic pace of life and help to prepare the mind, nervous system and body for deep relaxation, repair and renew. is a restorative class designed to completely relax, repair and renew.

Coming Soon – 5 week block series.

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