Yoga Styles

Yoga Essentials

This class provides the foundation to build a safe and solid practice. It is perfect for beginners and for the more experienced who are seeking to refine their poses to gain the maximum remedial benefits. The Yoga Essential Series is a step by step introduction into yoga building your practice from the ground up. Classes include breathing and relaxation techniques, both static and flowing poses, linking movement with the breath

Vinyasa Flow

This class builds from the Yoga Essentials. The transitions and sequencing become more dynamic and challenging with more advanced postures introduced. We start with breathing techniques to settle the mind and create an uninhibited flow of energy. We teach fluid, flowing and playful sequences with a focus on alignment and technique; careful consideration is given to the remedial benefits of the poses. Moving through a dynamic sequence to naturally heat the body, we use that heat we open, stretch, tone and align. ending our practice in a deep savasana.

Relax, Repair & Renew

This is a restorative style class integrated with Yin & Flow Yoga designed to completely relax, repair  and renew. Held for 5 minutes or more, restorative and yin style poses are deep passive stretches, twists, seated forward folds and gentle backbends all supported by props.  These classes offer a welcome response to the frenetic pace of life and help to prepare the mind, nervous system and body for deep relaxation, repair and renew. is a restorative class designed to completely relax, repair and renew.

Athletic Stretch

This class is a deep practice similar to a Yin class with active holds allowing the fascia, tendons and ligaments to release and stretch.  Each class is designed to increase range of motion and targets deeper connective tissues such as around the shoulders, upper back, hips, pelvis and lower spine. It is a quieter practice, designed to tap into intuition and inner listening to the body. This is the perfect cross training exercise for athletes to enhance their performance as well as a complimentary practice to a Vinyasa class.

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